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Pixeljump is a team of young professionals geared towards creating solutions that boast usability, aesthetics and simplicity. We work with the latest technology to deliver the best experiences on all platforms. We offer you all our services at very reasonable costs.

We Live In The Coolest City in the Phillipines

Located north of the Philippine archipelago, the team resides in one of the coolest cities in Asia – Baguio City. This tight knit location and cool weather allows the team to focus on quality of work and delivery, free of the pollution, heavy traffic and bustle of the rat race. And besides most of the team works at the comfort of their homes.

Pixeljump will not lose you to techno jargon, we will tell you straight up what your options are in the simplest most cohesive way. We will aide the building of your empire or simply help you find the right niche. We cater your needs, however simple or complicated they may be, with the future in mind.

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